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Support status for August:
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10% of 100 Dollars.

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The last server has now been exchanged, cutting the budget to a minimum. Meaning that even with no donations, I should be able to pay the hosting costs.
All of the 'dead' entries have been removed from the lists, with a total of 1767 files removed.

As some may have noticed, the website had 2 weeks of downtime, due to a police invistigation regarding 3D pictures that looks too much like real child pornography. So for now, all the 3D picture are offline.
Some maybe back later when I have sorted them, and some will not. Since I know many comes here for those picture, I have used the downtime to scale the servers a few notches down.

Another, fairly large change, is that since the site will be operating on a reduced capasity, it will now be members only access.
All donations from last month was refunded, after all, this was not what you donated for (and yes, even with the lower budget, donations are wekcome)
The next week won't feature much new stuff, most of my scripts to organize new stuff is gone, and I will have to make some new ones.

Adf-ly did discover what kind of place this is and suspended the account. On the good side, it means no more ads, on the bad side it also means no more money, and at the end of next month, the emergency funds runs dry. I will look into som donation support of the website, so the websites future may very well be in the hands of the users.

Since no sane business would even consider supporting this site, I will try something different. And that is Adopt-A-Loli, A shop there you can adept a virtual loli and support the site at the same time. I will try this to get the next months server rent payed and it that do not work, then the site gets closed down. I do not have the resources to pay for it myself, so I hope the the users likes it will enough to support it. Addisional, 12% of anything you buy at j-list (go there through the links) will also go to the servers.

a few tweaks added:
A user feature, a setting to adjust the central frame, making it smaller or larger. The setting can be changed in your account. Current it defaults to the no slider setting.
The file name is now written with smaller fonts to prevent it from stratching the frame.
All the authors, circles, translators and parodies that started with a number is now also on the lists, in the # section.

Added the censorship status, so now are all titles either Censored or Not Censored. There may be titles that has been marked wrongly, most likely some of the older ones.

The Wall is now back, as in the old place it is a page with the recent comments made by the users. Now with the features to click on the username or title to see all comments from that user or about that title.

There seems to be some trouble with the file servers. I have contacted support and are waiting for a reply.
Update: The servers disks were full and the problem should have been solved now.

The old site is burned out, time to take to newe site in use. Do you discover any problems, mail me.

The links was changed, This should have no or little effect on most users, but if it is a problem for you, mail